Ondo Solutions Ltd
Location: Burgas, Bulgaria
Community: Sofia (City)
Sectors: Greenhouse Technology, Agricultural Engineering
Technologies: Agricultural Engineering, Sensors, IoT, Smart Farming Software
Profile: ONDO Solutions has been founded in Jan 2020 by a team of IT and agriculture experts. Our company’s team of agricultural experts and agronomists have solid experience in the building and integration of solutions for automated drip irrigation, precise plant nutrition and climate control for greenhouses and open fields. Together with a skilled team of experienced software and hardware specialists, they work to create a reliable technology solution that meets the needs of farmers while keeping it easy to use and integrate with any existing farm infrastructure. ONDO's key solution is an automated system for precise irrigation, fertigation and climate control for various crops, grown in both greenhouses and open fields. ONDO hardware and software solution includes: • a controller that connects to and manages the farm infrastructure for irrigation, fertigation, climate control • specialized software allowing farmers to automate and monitor remotely all irrigation, fertigation and climate control processes. With ONDO, farmers create irrigation and fertigation programs and schedules and define their target temperature and humidity (for greenhouses). The system then takes over the management and control of the connected infrastructure so the schedules get executed and targets met. With ONDO, farmers can save up to 85% of irrigation water, save up to 50% of energy and reduce human error-caused losses with up to 60%!

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