The “BSB Smart Farming” Project is a jointly funded project by the EU and Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 joint operational program. 

The goal of the project is to prepare and advance the necessary changes for the digital transformation in agriculture and connected sectors in the BSB area. The project aims to improve the abilities of the farming communities, public institutions, academia, and entrepreneurs for fostering cross-border trade opportunities in three dimensions: changing the conditions for modernization of agriculture, developing the conditions for the SMEs operations, and narrowing the depopulation and aging problems.

The Project was launched in 2020. It will last for 20 months from July 14, 2020. The project partners are Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania. So, due to the digitization of services in the Black Sea Region, farming communities will become more competitive, sustainable, and productive.

Leader country


Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A. O.L.A. 
Konstantinos Zapounidis, +30 2351 027 541

Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A.-O.L.A. (Pieriki) is a local development agency in Ellada having as shareholders all local actors; regional authority, municipalities, chambers, associations, organisations, etc with important financial capacity. Pieriki will lead the project ensuring an effective and efficient implementation of the project. Pieriki, since 1991, has implemented several initiatives and programmes funded by the EU related towards sustainable rural development, tourism development, energy efficiency, boosting investment, environment protection, tackling unemployment, organizing training courses, in strong cooperation with Municipalities, Regional Authorities, Chambers, and Professionals’ Associations.

To learn more about Pieriki Anaptixiaki S.A.- O.L.A. (Pieriki), check out the website.



Business Agency Association
Boris Krastev, +359 882 639 336

Business Agency Association – Bulgaria is a public-private entity, an NGO, governed by public law. Since 2000 the Association operates in three different thematic areas – One-stop-shop Center for start-ups and entrepreneurship, Center for Social Innovation “Mission to Change”, “Digital innovation hub DigIt”. The Business Agency Association has its head office in Varna and branches in Dobrich, Sofia, Burgas, Razlog and Aksakovo, covering the whole country. Main activities are applied research in the field of the 3 thematic areas, working with stakeholders, developing specific innovative tools as a result of the research done, training, consultancy, organization of workshops, seminars and conferences.

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Enterprise Armenia
Ani Hakobyan, +374 98 255 018

The Fund Enterprise Armenia “Investment Support Center” was established by the Government of Armenia in 2002. The SME of Armenia is the first national structure in Armenia called to implement state support to small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) and programs directed to development of the sector, as well as to ensure a dialogue between small and medium enterprises, government and other structures. The Board is headed by the Minister of Economy.

The goals and objectives of the SME of Armenia are:

  • improvement of business environment in Armenia, ensuring availability of business development services for SMEs,
  • improving business skills of SMEs and knowledge transfer,
  • increasing accessibility of financial resources for operating and startup SMEs,
  • local economic development and promotion of local industries,
  • introduction of new business models,
  • promotion of “green” practices among SMEs,
  • increasing competitiveness of SMEs in local and international markets.

For implementation of these activities, the SME DNC has adopted and is implementing the following directions:

  • Information and Analytical;
  • Consulting;
  • Training (Start-up business support program);
  • Financial Support;
  • Local Economic Development;
  • Business Internationalization.

To learn more about the Fund  “Investment Support Center”, check out the website.


“Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați (UDJG)
Carmen-Catalina Rusu, +40 336 130 208, +40 74 021 056

“Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați (UDJG) is the most important institution of higher education in the South – Eastern part of Romania, with over 12.500 students annually in recent years, being the centre of technical, scientific, cultural and social progress with immediate or medium to long term applicability, meant primarily to contribute to the progress of Galati. The University has 14 faculties and prepares students for bachelor, master and PhD degrees in various fields (technical, humanistic, economic, health, art). UDJG, as a public institution, assumes the mission to train specialists, at the level of excellence, in diverse socio-economic domains, to participate in sustaining and disseminating science and culture and to contribute to enriching the national knowledge patrimony through scientific research, knowledge and innovation, permanent learning and interculturality. 

To learn more about “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați (UDJG), check out the website.


Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University, TeSaU
Nino Korinteli, +995 598 550 045

Telavi State University is a higher educational institution, one of the oldest educational centers in Georgia and has 5 faculties with corresponding departments, more than 30 laboratories focused on the regional priorities as agrarian sciences, tourism, ecology, caucasian Studies. It is equipped with modern infrastructure and techniques and oriented towards integration with international educational fields and constant renewal. Telavi State University places emphasis on professional staff and effective scheme of collaboration. In its classic and traditional sense, the university is a corporation which strives to establish a strategic collaboration between administration, professors, students, graduates and business entities. It focuses on establishing effective relations to the business and entrepreneurship sector of regional and EU economies. 

To learn more about Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University, check out the website.


Business Advisory Center
Natolie Palade, +373 22 210 089

Incorporated in 2000, Business Advisory Center (Centrul de Consultanta in Afaceri) is an independent non-profit development organization, operating for over 15 years. The company promotes sustainable development in Moldova through meaningful change and innovation, to foster better living for Moldovan people. The company’s vision is to become a leading development organization in Moldova, driving innovation and change for the business community, governments, and civil society groups. Through holistic approach, interventions are applied where the challenge and opportunities are present, with the ultimate goal to grow the economy and improve people’s livelihoods. BAC conducts various development works, as well as offers a mix of consulting services mainly focused on rural development issues. Also, the company provides training for small and medium enterprises and business service providers. 

To learn more about Business Advisory Center, check out the website.